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how to check ram speed

Computer Ram

Apart from the problem of running a program on the PC due to the RAM problems, there are various problems, such as lost data, the program suddenly turns off, etc. Moreover, there are problems in the PC many times when it is difficult to find out whether there is a problem, software or hardware.

So many times the RAM needs to be tested. And there are no tools to install this. The default Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool can be used by Windows.

RAM Testing Method:

First, go to the run. Go to the Start menu and type Run or Windows Key + R. Then the run window will open.

Run the command in the command mdsched.exe then press the OK button or press enter.

Then a window will open, there will be two options. From there, choose one of the options.

Restart now and check for problems (recommended) Clicking on this option will restart your PC and start scanning memory immediately. However, before clicking on it, save the file if it is open and close the other open programs.

Clicking on this option will scan after you start the PC when it starts.

Diameter will start scanning your memory (depending on option 3). If there is an error, then it will show.

Check once, is your RAM healthy?

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