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blue light macular degeneration

Blue light from phones

Famous Magazine Xinhua news, blue light of various digital devices such as smartphones can make blind paths.

Using the digital device as well as the blue light of the smartphone, it causes the toxic emotions in the lining of the eye-less tolerant cells and later it loses eye macular. It is said in a study by the University of Toledo in the United States.

 One of the main reasons for blindness in the country is the separation of Macular. However, due to the separation of Macular, people are not completely blind, but their daily activities are hampered.

The University of Toledo Chemistry and Assistant Professor of Bio-Cemetery Department Ajit Karunathan said, "It is not an unknown word that the blue light of the mobile light beats our eyes. These blue light rays damage our eye retina. Through research, we are trying to find out how it happens and showing it the way to healing.

Researchers have suggested two suggestions to avoid blue light.

 A. The smartphone is not used in the dark space at night

B. Sunglasses need to be used to protect the eyes from the blue light.

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