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sony aibo 2019


A small robot puppy left on the US market, named after 'Aibo', a world-renowned technology company. However, whatever size the size, the price is not within the reach of everyone!

To buy this puppy in the US market, you have to count 2 thousand 899 US dollars. But firstly the price seems to be excessive, but when the robot starts to associate with you, it seems that the money is not in the water at all.

On the occasion of 'Ebba', Sony announced that it has used some of the most advanced technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and sensors to create this robot. Where this robot has been placed in the eye of the OLED, it seems that living dogs are groaning eyes. You can change the color of his eyes using the 'Aibo app' on mobile, you can see what picture he took with the camera placed on his nose. You can also see the information about the surrounding environment, with its sensors installed on its body.

Sonny Anl Robot

Thus, by adjusting the information from the sensors, how to avoid 'hobo' and its obstacles. With the camera, he will recognize you and the people around you. In this way, 'Aibo' will teach the day, and it will become smarter. You can teach him things like handshake or high-five, but like a living puppy, he may have to explain things a few times.

But it is not only the modern technology that has been made by the Echo, but it is not. There is a lot of surprises in its external framework. Generally speaking, we understand the limited range of robots, which is quite surprising in the case of 'Aibo'. Due to many single and dual axis joints, 'Aibo' can easily tumble over the table, sit upright, and in front of the Lord, he can move a tail like a living dog.

However, no matter how proficient it is to move and move, Sony is prohibiting from taking A'bo out of the house or in the grass. And it can not be taken in water. The best place for clean floors' Aibo.

'Aibou does not have too much charge. After two hours of full charge, can be spent for two hours with him. Interestingly, 'Aibo' will go away when it is charging Charging Doc.

So if you have a hobby, keep a robot pup in the house, 'Aibo' will not disappoint you very much. But do not forget about spending about three thousand dollars! And yes, at a very low cost, you can truly blub a puppy, but only 'A'Oboe will give you freedom from the hassle of cleaning.


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