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The e-mailer's title is weird Seeing sure you will be surprised. Because the e-mail header contains a password you use and your username. Do not open where! 'You know later about the house' - thinking that e-mail will open up.

Because nothing else, this e-mail is a new horror strategy for cyber extortionists.

Do research and teaching about computer security. For this, cybercrime or cyber-crime is to be done regularly, it is to teach the students various techniques of cybercrime. But I am also surprised to see this new study. It is bound to be successful. Because extortionists here have blackmailed the man's psychology through an alarming e-mail. Let's see, what's the matter!

What's in the e-mail

E-mail started in this way (written in English from simple Bangla) - 'Your password is such and such. You do not know me, but I know everything about you, it is unfortunate that I have received secret information about you. '

Then it goes to the threat category

'You have visited such a video/photo site (can understand what kind of "video" site it may be) where we put malware. It has been installed on your computer at the site and control of your computer has come into my hands. We have been able to record all the activities of your computer by utilizing it.

We've recorded your video by launching your webcam immediately. We have now created a video with the left side of which you are sitting secretly watching the naughty video that is on the right, and the video that you were doing was doing naughty by watching the video on the right. All your friends and contact lists have come into our hands.

Now you can have two options without having to do everything. In that case, the copy of this video will be reached by your friends, wife-family, boss-all in one day. And the other option is to send you $ 2700 to save your reputation, through Bitcoin, at the same address. This e-mail contains a secret pixel placement. So, we know that you read the e-mail. If you can not pay the money in one day, then you will break your pats in the market. I have spent a lot of time on this work so I will not give money! And do not tell anyone, but I will leave the video.

And if you want to make sure that this email is real, yes answer. Your naughty video will send you to five friends as a sample.

There is no profit going to the police. Because I'm out of control. Therefore, if you do not want to send these proofs of Akam-Kamaal to everyone, send money quickly. We will delete the video if we get the money. '

This is the criminal threat given to the bat.

What are you afraid of

Now the question is, what should you fear? If you do not go to a naughty site, is someone really holding your pictures of your webcam with your webcam? What is the credibility of this threat? The extortionist is a criminal but has done a great job at the beginning, showed your username and password, so that you believe in him. If your friend knows the secret password, the rest is true! What to do now? Bitcoin to buy to buy? Or will you go to the forest?

No, no! Sleep with the nose oil completely. Why? Tell me now

It's true that the hacker is convincing you by showing your username and password. But after the house, you know?

The incident happened in the past few years in some very big password leaks. Linked-In, Bitli-these organizations have stolen millions of usernames and passwords. And the list of these passwords on the Dark Web is spread. As a result, criminals have a password or links to your site (old).

These companies warned everyone about the matter a year ago, so most people changed their passwords. (If you do not change then change it quickly). But extortion took advantage of it, initially confused you by talking about your old password. You may not believe in other words, but you have easily misled your hidden information by showing Chandbad. Maybe you believe, you've actually made your own video like hackers, and now you'll be able to reveal to everyone right now.

The real incident is that such a video is not in their hands, only the people of Kantola are made to roam the money from them and this extortion work is done. I am sure many people will believe in such e-mails and will send thousands of bits of this address through Bitcoin address. This fraud has been going on for a few months- one of my fellow researchers has been monitoring this extortion group for months. Since July, fraudsters have released millions of e-mails for such fraud.

How to be safe online?

This deception is not necessarily a matter, but how to be safe online? Ensure the security of your computer, update the antivirus regularly. And do not go to unknown websites; At the same time, if someone asks you to click on any link in the e-mail, do not click and click. Do not click on the same message in messenger or other way-even the familiar people send a link, but do not click here.

Because, cybercriminals thus hacked the accounts of people who know many times, send messages from everyone to the Friendliest from there to grab their accounts. After going to any website, it is very easy to solve video record problems with the webcam.

Put a paper or black tape on the webcam, only when it's really a video chat. It can not be recorded by webcam even if your computer enters malware, but no one will be able to record it. And to verify if your password or username has been spread on the Dark Web,  visit  haveibeenpwned

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