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how to hang a mobile phone

smartphone hang

Now is the smartphone era. A smartphone can be seen from teenager to old age. And no matter what kind of smartphone we have today, we can give them a lot of benefits. Many people have been in a position to have a smartphone with no partner and partner. In addition to having a smartphone with a home, office, and even a lot of work is done.

Today, among the smartphones, the popularity of the Android operating system is at stake. These Android phones offer more features.

But the advantages of more convenience are not less. For example, a common problem with Android phones may be slow or hang out. Many of us are very annoyed to call phone companies. I think they made bad phones. But many of us do not know that phone hanging depends too much on our usage.

Let us know today how and why our Android phone becomes slow or hang-

If you install more applications in the phone memory (internal memory / ROM) instead of memory card / External Memory, then the phone may hang due to Rome's deficit.

Mobile space is low. The main reason we use Android phones is to use a lot of applications. But if you see that the space of the mobile is less then you will read more like this problem. That means that when you use a lot of applications at the same time, there may be a mobile hang when the amount of memory (RAM) less than necessary.

If cookies, cheeses, log type files, and unnecessary files are not cleared by rules, then they cause mobile hanging by jamming memory.

There may be more mobile applications than mobile computing or memory capabilities, such as games, games, and mobile apps that can hang on.

More reasons to

  •  Regularly not charging mobile charges.
  • Longtime phone clutter.
  •  Download heavy file
  • Fall from your hands.
  • If there is an internal problem.

Solve the hang problem

But there is nothing to worry about. Problems are there, as well as their solution. Let's know if your phone hangs out, some tips for how to fix it -

If you want to install something, install it on your Extra (Memory Card / External Memory) memory card. That means try to empty your phone memory as much as possible.

Uninstall apps you do not use, or you do not need them.
Do not run heavy applications if you have less interest in your phone (RAM). Then the phone will not hang.

Keep an eye on it all the time Jane does not have many applications on your phone. Regularly charge mobile phones.
Use rubber national bacon cover or bumper. If you put your hands off, the potential for mobile hanging is reduced.

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