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conclusion of artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence

If we think a little bit, then we are almost artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence. Like Facebook shows us ads according to our preferences. Again when we search for something on Google, Google publishes many websites in our search results considering various aspects of the trial. How are these actually? The name of this magic is Artificial Intelligence. What is artificial intelligence today and where is the use of artificial intelligence?

What is Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence?

People can consider trials with their intelligence, solve problems, learn by themselves That is why people are intelligent. Artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence History

In 1920, the concept of artificial intelligence was found in a science fiction called "Rush's Universe Robots" by Karel Capek in 1920. Later in 1947, English mathematician Alan Turing spoke on artificial intelligence. Originally after the Second World War artificial intelligence emerged. Since then, research on artificial intelligence has started. It was further increased after the computer invention.

Where artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence are used?

artificial intelligence day

Computer software, website, robot. In addition, various machines have the use of artificial intelligence. Google, Apple, Microsoft and many of the world's small and big companies have come up with artificial intelligence. The only reason for this is to teach the machine to work yourself with intelligence. This will improve the quality of our lives. And many companies are working on artificial intelligence with the aim of improving the standard of living.

Just in the computer technology field, artificial intelligence is not limited. In addition, there are many uses of intellectual intelligence, including marketing, financial services, research, automotive, banking, health, telecommunication.

Although scientists are still not able to show complete competence, almost all of the world's technologies in the future will be controlled by artificial intelligence.

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