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how long do sharks live 130 years


One of the biggest fish in the world is the whale shark or whale shark. A new study found that sharks of this species can be larger and longer than ever before.

According to National Geographic data, whale sharks are 18 to 40 feet tall and live on average for 70 years. Their weight is more than 20 tons.

But a study published in the Maldivian and Marine and Freshwater Research Journal said that they lived more than a century.

A whale shark is an endangered species of animals. It is not known much about its growth and reproduction. Researchers usually tried to find out the size of the body from the dead shark sample. However, the exact information is not available here. So, a group of researchers carried out research on the whale sharks surrounding the Ariane coral island in the south of Maldives.

Researchers measured the length of swirling have sharks in the area for 10 years. Studies on hundreds of whales have been found to be 100 to 130 years old, and the length of this can be 50 to 62 feet.

The population of the endangered species, the Whale Shark, is rapidly declining, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Despite this, these fish are still hunted in different parts of Asia, especially in the Philippines.

Although these sharks are so large, they are more harmless, even when they swim along with them, they do not object. Their favorite news is Plankton. These faces can open huge, up to 5 feet. It has 350 rows of small teeth in the mouth. These sharks of a flat head are white spherical small spots. They like warm weather, which is why they are seen more in the equator at the equator.

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