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samsung galaxy note 9 review specs


Korea's famous technology company Samsung has called a press conference on the 9th of November in Brooklyn, New York. It is expected that Samsung's new Android Mobile Samsung Note 9 package will be unveiled here. This is the claim that Mashable

What will be 9 notes? There are many speculations about this. Recently, an eve leaked picture shows how it will look in front and back of this phone.

Although some leaked pictures seem to have been seen, note 9 will remain in the same way as Note 8, but the new picture seems to be seen, that this phone has something to expect.

Let's take a look at this, note what will be the note:

Body made of glass and metalInfiniti display, so the base is just above and belowThere is no danceDual cameras, which have a bigger and a smaller oneThe bigger size fingerprint print sensor than beforeThe more efficient Buxbe buttonTwo-Tone S Pen, which is useful for new types of work through Blue ToothThe color of the phone is blueThere are fast wireless charging arrangements

Headphone jack, an Expandable storage slot for inserting a memory card, What may have more

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 or Exx 9180 chips that can be used as a processor for mobile
RAM can have 6 or 8 gigabytes
Internal storage may be up to 512 GB
The battery can be 4000 mAh.
There may be more surprises for Samsung users at Note 9 packaging at Press Conference held in Brooklyn, New York. What is the way without waiting for it?

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