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How are you going to be the future fighter?

The newly promoted squadron leader, Anirban (not real name), will be delighted and frightened to see the Furnabro Air Show on July 16th. The main attraction of this year's Farnborough show F-35 A combination of modern flying technology, the research that used to make the F-35, the cost was 50 billion dollars. Lockheed Martin worked with 10 countries to fund the research. Each F-35 lightning fighter cost will cost $ 100 million. Just!

Fernando Air Shore Visitors or members of the military, they may have a question, what's next?

To see the next surprise of F-35, we have to go 400 kilometers north of Fernando. Preston town near Lancashire. There is the Hangman 31 building in England's biggest defense contractor BAE system, the automatic drone named Taranis. Drone is named after Celtic Bazrodeb.

If you see Tarnish, science fiction will start to feel true. This drone can take its own decision. Flying, hit targets, finally hanging out on the hangar-all can do it automatically. But there is also a traditional control system. Those who were scared of the terminator franchise Skynet, who had been scared, they would come to water. A man pilot can stay in charge of Home Base Tarnis.

Do not need to fear the loss of their jobs, so the pilots do not need to pilot the market. At the end of the day, the brain of the drone is nothing but a computer. By submitting a lot of information to your hard disk, it is necessary to provide them with a pilot headphones display. A pilot can make all the decisions that can be made by the pilot. The faster you can calculate the instrument, what will you do with the results of the calculation, the person can decide.

Apart from this, there is also the issue of cashlessness. Taranis's technology, if there is a pilot, will increase the size of Taranis doubled. Expenses will increase. On the other hand, a pilot can control multiple drones through digital control. Michael Cristy of BAE, Head of Air Strategy, feels that this is how the new era of air squadron will be created. A man pilot and his fighter, along with the drone force.

Research is going on in different countries with the idea of da one squadron. Lockheed Martin of America converted the AFC-16 aircraft to a non-pilot drone a few days ago. It has been added with anticodon-technology. The drone F-16 has returned to its own belt after being hit with another pilot plane in the test range. China is not behind the drone study. They are trying to create a drone named Dark Swords. Like this F-16 drone, it is able to hit the target by adjusting with another pilot.

The new world skyline gradually progresses towards the drone squadron. But it requires a lot of technical development. Some of the technologies are F-35 This F-35 is an Atlantic Information System. The amount of information that can be provided in the helmet head-up display of the pilot, it is impossible for humans to manage the information.

F-35 only gives the necessary information to its pilot. The pilot he uses cockpit touchscreen and helmet display to see the information. The camera was also added to the plane's formation. The pilot can also monitor the camera around. If the warfare is to improve, then the pilot's helmets should do more than the aircraft.

F-35 can also send so much information to other drones. F-35 Squadron Leader can handle the attack with his follow-up drone, by not attacking itself in a protected location. Only send the necessary information. The rest of the drone comatose algorithm, However, this squadron leader and the drone will gradually improve this communication. Beginning the order of the order, the order can be given to the drone. Of course, it is by improving the communication system.

This technology can also be used on civilian aircraft. But the airline's Basra thinks that if people do not have a pilot, they will not be relieved of their transport. So they want people to stay still on a passenger plane pilot. But here it is said. In the development of technology, flight engineers, radio operators, navigators, these tasks are irrelevant now. The same can happen in the case of the co-pilot. Airbus can carry the co-pilot from the ground and can carry it. A group of pilots will travel in the hands of a group of pilots, But to see how comforted the passengers will be, to see it.

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