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The sky is trying to make the Internet faster than the sky, it is trying to create hardware for Facebook. Facebook is working to create a satellite, which will be able to provide Internet access to the ground. Facebook authorities confirm Wired Magazine

Facebook says that they are creating an internet satellite, which can provide effective broadband internet access to areas in the world that are not easily accessible. Federal Communications

Commission (FCC) patent application has been called in the name of an organization named Point View Tech LLC. Facebook said that they are working behind Point View Tech LLC.

Facebook's Internet satellite will be named Athena.

Before starting the Athena Project, Facebook was working on a project called 'Aquila' to give Internet access through remote drones in the sky. The Facebook Authority recently announced the closure of the project. A week later the Aetna Project was known to stop the Aquila project.

Facebook said that the internet facility program will not be run by solar-powered solar-powered drones. Instead, Aquila will work to create software systems for Internet-based aircraft.

In January, Google's parent company Alphabet also announced the withdrawal of their solar-powered drone project. Google is giving more emphasis on project 'Project Lun' to provide Wi-Fi internet via balloon. Apart from this, strategic investments in the Third Party Internet Satellite Project

According to the date of September 2012, more than half of the world is still online outside. To get these people online, it is possible to provide Internet services by sending artificial satellite over 100 to 1,250 miles above the surface. There is a possibility of big industries being developed around the satellite internet. In this sector, companies like SpaceX are making huge investments. In February last, SpaceX sent the first satellite.

A Facebook spokesman said that there is nothing to say about specific projects. But satellite technology will become important for the next generation of broadband infrastructure. This will bring broadband services to remote areas.

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