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drone crocodile Find the crocodile in the drone


To reduce the risk of human life, authorities in Australia are going to start using drones to monitor crocodile movements in Australia. Australian authorities announced on Friday.

Lifeguards in Queensland Province will soon start using this technology to monitor the movement of crocodiles in places where people usually swim. This technology has played an active role in monitoring the movement of sharks earlier, according to the report Indian media, IANS reported.

Currently, the drones used in particular are used for artificial intelligence technology to identify and report sharks.

Australia has been stepping up another step towards reducing the risk of crocodile attacks by taking the survey of Queensland provinces for three years through this step.

According to preliminary estimates, the number of crocodiles in different regions of Queensland is different. The primary number of crocodiles in the province is less than one kilometer per kilometer. And the number of crocodiles is about five to ten per kilometer in the border region in the north.

In 2011, 84 crocodiles were removed from Queensland, officials related to wildlife. Apart from this, other animals also risked for the safety of the people has also been removed.

Many animals were shot dead. Authorities say that only such steps are taken when necessary.

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