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Blood rain in Siberia's sky

Blood raid

The Russian city of Norilsk is quite quiet. Lakhs of people live in a quiet city in Siberia. There is no strange event happening here. So, people were shocked to see the red rainfall from the sky a few days ago. News IFLS.

Siberia's 'blood' rain images and videos quickly spread to social media. Many people think of the destruction of the world, it is a. The press is also concerned about it.

But the 'blood' rain is nothing new. It is believed to be 'blood' rain, mainly due to reddish rain. Generally, this rain is mixed with red dust clouds from the desert area to the clouds. The event usually does not happen. But it is not too unprecedented. The rain that was previously seen in Europe Even in Finland.

Of course, there is no such color as the bright red rain in Russia. Most of the rain mixed with dust is reddish brown or yellowish. Even the weatherwomen said that rain in the United Kingdom several times a year may occur.

Sometimes, the explanation of such rain is not so easy. For example, a few years ago, in the northwestern part of Spain, many red-almonds were mixed with rain.

Russian newspapers are speculating that nickel and palladium metals are processed in a local metal factory. Maybe it is responsible for the color of rain. They were cleaning iron oxide or rust from the factory. With rust, this rusty mixing of the rain creates rain like the blood.

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