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Argentina coach is no longer Samuli

Jorge Sampaoli

Argentina went on to leave the last sixteen of the World Cup under Horizontal Sampoli. Then the question arose, whether the coach himself will step aside, or will he be pruned? It was later heard that he was given the responsibility of the Argentina Under-20 team. But the new buzz has come up today, as the Argentine coach or Sampauli will not be seen again.

Campoli sat on Monday with AFA president Claudio Tapia. It was decided that the Argentina Under-20 team will be in charge for the time being. From July 28th to 7th August there is a tournament of the age group in Valencia, Spain. It will be decided whether or not he will be appointed as coach of Messi after watching Sampley's performance as coach of the Under-20 team.

According to the news published yesterday, Sampawali or Vichitinte has seen that the responsibility is not taken with its size coach. And that's why he will not go to the tournament for the Under-20 team. After the incident, the Argentine Football Association wants to sever ties with Samuli. Within a few hours, the announcement of Sampauli's departure may come. The problem is, if the AFA agreement with Sampoli is terminated, Sampauli will receive a compensation of 20 million dollars! However, AFA is keen to pay the highest salary at the end of this year.

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