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Malware on your phone from Play Store!


If your Android phone or tab often bursts annoying pop-up windows, then you are trapped in the malware trap. A thought is a matter! But the big thing is that the malware is either on your phone or from the official Google Play Store.

 This is known from a new information published on the bleeping computer. Their claims, harmful app makers have been able to put malware on Google Play Store or your smartphone, using a method. They do this by using a type of code called droppers, which are secretly hidden within an app, and it attacks the device in a few steps.

These drops are very hard to find because they are coded inside an app. And if the droppers do not harm themselves, it can download harmful malware on the phone. The spread of the dropper is increasing. Because of that - they can secretly enter your Android phone. And they are able to do this because they enter the phone through the Google Play Store app.

Droppers work like Trojan Horses. When there is a dropper code inside an app, it behaves very polite and does not harm the real code. It is very difficult to find out why. At this stage, the device itself is not installed by the droppers itself. It got blank access. When such an app is submitted to the Play Store, Google can run a variety of security tests, but it can not contain any harmful features. That is why the app gets approved and it is left to the Play Store for users.

Some malware coders have more tricks when creating code. When the malware starts working, they also add timers to it. Again, when an app allows users to perform various tasks, malware starts working in an incognito mode.

Droppers existed before malware was created for Android or Android. Generally, antivirus is not used on Android phones like desktop computers. Therefore, cybersecurity companies or research organizations of today are warning about this. As Avast Threat Lab says that Droppers are already installed on mobile phones made by many organizations that are not Google Certified. Companies like ZTE and Arcos have their names on the list.

On the other hand, there is strict scrutiny before leaving an app in Apple's iOS store. And Apple does not allow the iOS app to download itself, install or use any code. This way, the dropper operations were stopped in Apple. If Google wants to stop malware attack on Android phones, then they should be able to update the Play Store terms and the developers who allow developers to do so. And that's the biggest challenge for Google now.

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