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Apple Keyboard

Apple had a lot of trouble with the keyboard. Some users of the 'sticky key' issue have filed lawsuits. The US company has to take an initiative to make keyboard-switching programs. However, Apple's authorities have silently solved the problem of keyboard problems.

Special privileges are added to the new MacBook Pro keyboard. The information technology-related website Senate has reported on the basis of the FIFE to repair the technology.

According to the iPhone, Apple MacBook Pro adds silicon membranes to each key of the keyboard. The dust or other particles cannot penetrate this.

Ichixit Apple's new keyboard has been confirmed. Previously Apple had patented this kind of technology. Its name was 'Ingress Protection for Keybirds'. This means it is water resistant or dust resistant.

The Apple authorities have claimed that the MacBook Pro keyboard has now reduced the word than before. The effector says it is possible due to the addition of the silicon membrane.

Technology analysts say that Apple is more focused on delivering quality products to users than promoting them. So, after introducing new technologies to the keyboard, it did not promote much.

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