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Try some of the best Android launchers in the year 2018, once


Now we all have an iPhone without hands, but almost everyone has the handset Android smartphone. And Apple's main advantage of Apple's iPhone or feature is that you get more customization benefits. And the first thing about customization is the Android launcher. Just like on the computer, we can use our theme to customize our windows like ourselves, just like on Android, we can use Launcher. 

There are themes in Android's Launcher, Icon Pack, Front, Wallpaper and Launcher Fraud. Now, why are you using the launcher? The first answer is, your Android phone already has a default launcher; If there is a Samsung device, then there will be a launch of Samsung; If there is a Huawei device then EMUI launcher will be provided. These default launchers may sometimes require boring to us,

The second answer is, sometimes there is a lot of special privileges in different launchers from our default launcher; You can also use Launcher because of that. For example, there is no alternative to deleting all the apps running on the default Windows-style launcher of Nokia X Android device; But you can bring this feature to your Nokia phone using a different Third Party Launcher.

The third answer is that we often use second-hand Android phones. The performance of these cheaper devices remains intact. Many times, the default launch of these devices may seem to be slower for you. In this case, you can make your device faster than before using any other simple and normal launcher.

I brought you this tuner game for you today, this year's some of the best Android launchers. You can see that you try trio safely. So let's go straight to the tune with no more talk:

Action Launcher:

Action Launcher

Action Launcher: Currently the most popular launch in the Android world is the Action Launcher. In its new upgrade, you'll get a fillip like "Google pixel" device and the Google Now integration feature has been added here. The launcher also has excellent customizable features that you'll love.

 It also has integrated gestures that will bring a great solution to the shortcut problem on your smartphone. Swiping from left to right in the home screen will get you a menu of all the apps on your device.

On the other hand, there are Android corrinoid-style notification dots which will allow you to get various information related information on your home screen. So if your phone is not officially updated on Android, then using this launcher you can get Android and its taste. There are more features in the animated dock, app drawer and more features. You can download and install the action launcher on the Google Play Store, but to enjoy some of its features, you have to upgrade its pro version.

AIO Launcher

AIO Launcher

AIO Launcher: If you play with the launch of the Play Store, you will find that most launchers are arranged with home screen two and customizations. But AIO Launcher is a bit different from this and a little unique. Here you will not get fancy icon packs or animations but here you will find an information launch launcher experience. Yes, it can run on your slow device too fast.

Your home screen will be sorted with information as well as the use of frequent apps and unread text messages and phone book used in the frequency. Also, time and weather information, alarms, and RAM monitoring information will be on top of the home screen. And scroll down to the bottom, you can view emails, call logs and your news feeds.

To find an app manually, you can tap the search icon directly. Now, if you type the first two or three letters of the desired app, then accordingly, all search results will be available from contacts to apps according to you. This launcher is for those who do not have extra time for smartphones and those who want a simple straight drive.

ADW Launcher 2

ADW Launcher 2

ADW Launcher 2: The launch launcher of the Android Launcher world is the ADW Launcher. After its second edition in 2016, it is being upgraded regularly. And for its excellent interface, the launcher is in third place on our list today.

You will find several options to configure it. Launcher's interface is quite fluid and other launchers, you can download and use several different themes. This launcher has been built with the base of Android KitKat and martial theme. So if you miss the old Android design on your new device, you can download and install this launcher from PlayStore. This is a free launcher but for some of its features, you have to go to its paid upgrade package.



EVERYTHING Launcher: If you have the habit of keeping your apps in the small screen clean on the home screen, then the best launch is for you, EVERYTHING Launcher. EVERYTHING Launcher is a contextual launch where all the apps on your system are arranged in a specific folder on the home screen according to their type. And your phonebook contacts and preferences are arranged in a different Smart folder. At the top of the home screen, Gesture Supports and Double Tap will start the camera on your device by default. If you swipe down, the quick search feature will be started. There are also quick search features in the launcher that you can use without any manual setup.

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher: Do you know Microsoft has a launcher different? No, you're not talking about the Windows launcher, I'm talking about the sweet and beautiful Arrow Launcher, now it's named Plastore Microsoft Launcher. But you can find many hidden features in beta options. One of the features of this launcher is its Gesture Supports! Yes, almost everything can be done through the gesture until you lock your device from Notification Expansion to almost everything. If you are a gesture lover then try trials a trio.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher: The list of the best launcher is never complete without Nova Launcher. So in the best Launcher list of today, I have kept this Nova Launcher. There is nothing new about Nova Launcher. It has excellent 3D effects and customization features and timely upgrades for which Nova Launcher is the most unique and best launcher in the Android Sector. If you have not used Nova Launcher before, I would definitely say that once you have a trio of Launcher. However, note that this launcher is a heavy-effect launcher, so it is better not to use this launcher on low-performance devices.


This was our list of today. Hope you enjoyed these launchers. If you like the tune, do not forget to click on the Jobs button. Where to get Jos Buttons? Scroll to the top of the tune and click here to see a button called Josh. And if you have any opinion about yes tune, feel free to do it in the tutoring box below. If you have any questions or issues related to your own tech or science, then you can tune it to the TechJan jacket directly. Remain today In the future, I will be running a tuner game with any other topic. Your favorite Technology Social Platform TechJan. Thanks for reading the tune.

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