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There is emptiness unusually descriptive about how technology is moving forward in the future. Occasionally, we are living in Already futures, seeing the increasing speed of our technology. In this blog I have discussed previously many types of futures tech, many of these futures tech are currently required to make live tech with us but also make some further improvements.

Think of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning! Years ago, they just increased the look and feel of different websites. But see today, gradually entering this machine learning and artificial intelligence on each subject - using artificial intelligence on the phone, being used in the camera, even artificial intelligence is being used on the website.

Think back in the 1980s, when there was a small cell phone in the pocket, which could receive calls and messages, there was nothing less than science fiction. But then only think about ten years later, in 1990, when web browsing was started using cell phones.

But what can today's smartphones do? -Super can browse the internet faster, any type of application can run, you can do gaming, day by day smartphone cameras are getting more and more improvements, digital assistants connected with smartphones with voice command Can work, think, you're going to talk to your phone, which is what you buy The only electronic devices!

So, in this situation, I want to think, how the future smartphones can be! What kind of changes can we see in the smartphone of ten, twenty, or fifty years? Maybe, many futures mentioned in this article may sound like crazy to watch the smartphone feature, but these are just my imagination. And yes, of course, we want to know your crazy ideas! So, below, share your ideas with everyone!

Future smartphone

In my opinion, future smartphones will not be called phones. With so many powerful features in smartphones, hopefully, everything will become computer dependent in the near future, the Internet of Things will be widely spread, everything on the smart home will be connected to the Internet. 

Not only your smartphone, home TV, refrigerator, AC, some sensors, smart washing machines, and even the doors are connected to the Internet. And your phone will be in their control interface. After a few years maybe you will not see any physical computer in front of your eyes, but everything must be computer-controlled. And you can use your phone as a gateway, which will control everything.

It is possible to think of what the future smartphone will be like. First of all, if the technology improves, then there will be no physical phone on the smartphone! You do not have to touch anything on the phone, or there will be no display for viewing, and there will be no speakers to listen. 

All phones and Brains will be installed directly. If you read the article on my brain-computer interface, of course, know what I'm talking about. Since we are talking about 2050 here, brain-computer interface technology will surely be able to live between us.

Think of it, just a chip may have been fitted in your brain. Or you have to give just a small headset, which will work by receiving signals from your brain and vice-versa in the brain. If you want to make a call, just think about it, the automated call will go away from the system, and the calling sound will not be heard by any speaker, but by directing the signal directly into the brain. 

You do not need a screen to watch videos or video chat, live video footage directly by sending a signal to your brain. These ideas are my imagination, but these are not at all unreasonable! If you read the detailed article about uploading my mind, you know, Already has a stock of ours, Through which all the brain data can be uploaded to the computer and it is also possible to download my data from the computer in the brain. That is, we have the technology to deal with digital data and human brain together.

Scientists claiming to be mind-uploaded or immortalization technology, it would be possible to give a shape in 2045. As we are talking about the smartphones in the 2050s, of course, the smartphones will be able to make them suitable for working directly with the mind in the future. Convert any digital data directly to your brain. Smartphone applications will be able to run directly from the brain, allowing you to control application and brain gaming directly from the brain.

You are sure how to send the video signal directly to the brain! See, technically it is possible because our brain works in this style. Based on that, when you see something in the eye, a special signal is sent from the eye to the brain, and it is possible to create a proper signal of this signal and send it to the brain. 

Through it, it is possible to give sight to the blind by making a signal from the camera and sending it to the brain. When you see something, your eyes play a little role there, most of your role is in your brain. Then why not create a video signal from a chip and show it in your brain by sending it to your brain? Of course, it can be understood, how likely it can be.

The question here is not just smartphones and videos, calling, or communication. If it is possible to create a smartphone that is controlled by the brain, then it is possible to control everything by using the brain. Your home's microwave ovens, fridges, TVs, fans, lights, your cars, GPS Navigation - everything you can imagine, and almost unimaginable, almost everything works with the command of the Just Master.

If the future smartphone is any physical diva

If our progress does not reach such a high level, if the smartphone is still a physical device, then the image will not be very difficult. But it does not mean that we can not see anything extraordinary! Looking at the direction of today's smartphone going forward, one thing is going to be trending in the next smartphone, that is, " Zero Badge Phone ". Today's phones have noticed that there is a lot less battery being kept than ever before. The LG G6 or the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone is very small, but not completely free of badges. But in the course of a few years, we will be able to see zero-bangle phones, maybe nothing will occupy the space unnecessarily except the front screen.

Unlocked Battery Life

The most noticeable differences are coming in front of smartphones, and this is battery life. Yes, today's phones are much better but battery life is not so good. What would be like, if the whole week or whole month of battery backup without charging! It may be necessary for 2-5 seconds to charge again.

Now we have fast charging technology, but in the next ten to twenty years maybe the supercapacitors will be connected to the smartphone so that it will not take more than 5 seconds to charge the smartphone. With today's battery technology it is not possible to charge continuously for 7 days or 30 days, but it is expected that full battery life technology will come in front of us.

As far as I'm concerned, the headphone jack has been removed from the phone, in future, jack jacks or charging ports will also be removed from the phone. Maybe wireless charging will be so much improved, charging phones in many more ranges will be possible. Maybe you start charging the phone as soon as you enter the room. It may also be possible to find the electronic discovery that does not need electricity!

Wrap screen

If you are talking about the future technology of future technology, new technology is going to be able to deliver a remarkable display quality. Not ten or twenty years from now, of course, using the Olead screen on every phone within a few years will be a standard. The screen will have a very high refresh rate, maybe 1000 Hz. And to achieve the high refresh rate, the Olead screen will be required, Kenona Oleed is specially prepared to achieve high refresh rate!

There may be a featured display feature with phones. Normally, the display of the phone will be folded on some part so you can use the normal mode. But when the large screen is needed, just remove the folds and make the screen bigger. And there is no need to describe the benefits of the big screen, again, as an extra, you can take the phone back and pocket it.

Maybe there will not be a screen like this in futures phones It may be that the menu of the phone is fitted with a direct wind. Yes, I'm talking about the real holographic screen, where anything from the screen will be framed by a hologram. Maybe there will be a separate device with a phone that can be set on the roof so you can make a video call with someone in the holographic version. The person will just jump from your phone screen, and everything you feel will be unreal. The display can be made by a material that can be used to stain or break the display.

Artificial Intelligence

Of course, artificial intelligence will start to be widely used in futuristic phones. Your phone will automatically have an idea that it is a phone, and over time and with your use, how will the phone provide you with a better experience. 

When you wake up, when you get to work for the office, what you have been littered for today will give you a phone call, you will not need to do anything manually. Anything with you will listen to the phone with you and work accordingly. Now suppose you call your mother and said, at the time of returning home, it will surely give you such a market.

Personal Digital Assistant will not seem to be a robotic at all. He will be smart enough and will handle your every task with the fierce intellect. Future smartphones may have a sensor that will scan my health regularly.

If there is a sudden health problem, your digital assistant will directly call the hospital and send the GPS location. Maybe, the popularity of self-driving cars will increase, and the automatic ambulance will come to take you, people will not need it here. So with the use of smartphones, millions of people will survive.

Cell service

Using dual SIM cards and it is currently a standard feature of the smartphone, in which it has the advantage of using two numbers on a phone. But I think, in the near future, a SIM card will gain the ability to hold multiple numbers at the same time. You can change the SIM number at any time, or you can change the cell operator without changing any type of physical SIM card.

It may happen again and the SIM card will not be needed on the phone. Maybe in the cell signal phone, you will only be able to use a Just Operator, select from the menu and enter the operator's username and password, and enjoy all the facilities from the operator. When you change the desired username, operator and cell number will change.

Of course, futures cell networks can be seen on the Gigabit Internet. Although today's latest 4G technology is capable of providing speeds up to several Mbitabits, it is much fewer speeds than broadband! Of course, cell operators will bring their abnormal development in networking technology, maybe it will be possible to ensure Gigabit Internet by firing 5G or 6G technology. And in a few years the terabyte storage that can be seen on the phone, I can tell without any imagination.


What level of hacking and cracking will achieve by 2050, do you understand? Think about how much security should be kept ahead. Today, we have the latest Security Technology as Face ID, let us see how much security is able to provide after using it. Fingerprint or touch ID is a very good security system! But let's imagine what's more secure than that.

Let's think about the print of the brain print, where your body may have a chip plant for security. Think, you can unlock the phone by simply pressing to unlock the phone through the brain print technology. No one can force you if you check the system, there is tension in your brain, you are being threatened, your phone will not be unlocked. And for this security arrangement, I can imagine that It's currently live in us. If you read my brain print article then you can find out more.

Think again about the biometric chip implant, think that any chip in your body or hand is injected, which will work much like a security key. You will not need to enter a password, the phone will be unlocked when it comes to the specific range of the chip. You can not change the fingerprint, but it is possible to easily change the number of electronic chips.

So this was my crazy imagination which, according to me, could be seen from future smartphones. There are more imagery in the head, but if they are described in detail then more than two thousand wards will be finished. I will publish everything in a different article once more.

I know that many things will look like mad at all, but I have not written a single line without reason or without any doubt, these are not only dependent on my imagination but if the technology is able to improve accurately, every sentence in this article is possible Will be.

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