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how to update gmail to new look

Gmail update

From the beginning of this month, rumors were being heard that Google will redesign their email service Gmail with a new web interface and features. The Gmail Web App is going to get a new look but I think its new features will certainly attract its customers.

And go to your Gmail now to get these new features. And from the Inbox page, from the Settings menu at the top right corner, click on the new Gmail option, you can enjoy new Gmail features.

One of the new features of Gmail is that you can recover many tasks without leaving your inbox screen right now. With the mouse button on an email, you will get some pop-up options where you can keep the email marked as archived, deleted or reed. You can also snooze emails as a new feature. With Snooze, you can set an email as a reminder of your choice. From now on you can open the attachments of the email from the inbox without leaving the specified email.

If you do not miss important messages, Google has updated the reminder feature in Gmail with the help of Ai Technologies. This is called nudging feature. It will be displayed as a reminder of the yellow color next to the old Unsin e-mail.

New standardization mode will also protect your email privacy more than one times. You can also send Time Limit Email. For example, when sending the mail in 6 hours time, after 6 hours of sending, the email cannot be seen in the recipient's inbox. Also, the new Quick Email feature is also brought to Gmail which will work as an instant chat messenger.

In addition to this Gmail update, you will be able to see the live feed of other G Alt Apps (Google Calendar, Google Kip, Google Tude, etc.) in the side panel.

On the other hand, Gmail's mobile app has been brought to a new feature. Now you have come to the Gmail mobile app to receive notifications that only you and your email will be required.

You can now find some of these features in Gmail. There are also a few new features that Google has not yet opened to everyone. But you can check your Gmail settings from your Gmail settings once again to see what features Google brings to your Gmail.

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