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Top 10 free Copyright Images websites no copyright

In order to create a video on graphics designing or YouTube, we need one thing after that, and the picture will be there. So most people search Google by downloading pictures from there, using them.

 But one of the biggest problems is that most of the images in Google's copyright are copyrighted. And it is a penal offense to use anything copyrighted without permission. Even if you use Google Adsense on your website or YouTube and use copyrighted images there.

Then Google will close your Adsense account. And so we should use copyrighted images in any work. Now maybe many people think that copyright-free pictures are available in words. And so I'll name 10 sites below, from which you can download your own copy-free pictures.

  1. pixabay.com
  2. pexels.com
  3. unsplash.com
  4. realisticshots.com
  5. lifeofpix.com
  6. gratisography.com
  7. stocksnap.io
  8. stokpic.com
  9. splitshire.com
  10. negativespace.co

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