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Just keep browsing on the browser and earn Unlimited! 100% Proof.


Salaam and greetings to everyone. I hope everyone is well. For the last few days, many of our team on Facebook Groups and Blogs have asked for a tune on the income mining of bitcoins. However, there are so many apps/plugins coming out of the browser on the go.

But not all of them work, one for high-power PCs, and no one scam etc Nevertheless, it is not possible for us to check all the tasks in a short time. Even though you saw 3-4 plugins thinking that you will not disappoint. I picked one of them. Now tell me about that.

Before the original discussion, first of all, what is browser mining?

Browser Mining is a plug-in enabled in a browser such as Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, UCC, Maxthon, IE Open. Keep this plugin unchanged, as long as the browser remains open, your Crypto Currency Mining will remain. It may be Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin cash, Peer coin, and others.

There is little net spend here and your PC uses some RAM resources to attempt to cloud the core server. In return for the number of Bitcoin deposits, you will receive a small amount of your daily paid account.

Identification of Mining Site

I found a site called cryptotabKnow the features of a glance 
  • 1. You need to install a plugin on this site in the browser. And Mozilla. 
  • 2. the browser is only for any version of Google Chrome and MRAM and the hardware do not cause such pressure. 
  • 3. Boost Mining can be done in any way as Normal, Medium & High Moodie 
  • 4. Unlimited referrals. You can get 00.03 BTC in every referendum. 
  • 5. Although it is active in the browser, you will not create problems even if you do other things in the same browser. 
  • 6. There is nothing to say about the cost of the net. I think you have mined a total of 16 hours in 1 day. The net cost will be approximately 10-15 MB. 
  • 7. Of course, you can work on a PC / Laptop. No tabs or an Android phone can be used (because, in this case, there is a very high-definition RAM, no RAM) 
  • For more information on site policy, question and payment, please follow here

How do open and mining account?

1. First, open your Google Chrome browser and region click here.

2. An image like this will come

3. Click Add to chrome and get bitcoin here and install the plugin. Take 1 minute time.


4. The following popup messages will be given. It actually clicks on Add Extension option.


5. Then, in your browser, on the top tab, notice that all the icons have been added to the yellow mark. If it is added, then it will be properly installed. As follows

6. If you are completely open then get the following image. Please note this. Another thing is to skip any other options and then skip it. 



7. To fix other options like Withdraw topics, mining tags, referral shares, and so on, click on the floating menu. Following image-


8. Now you can add any of your Google Plus / Twitter / Facebook settings in your account. This means that if your plug-in is deleted or lost due to your browser. You will have to log in with Google Plus later. To add it, click this link here or click on the image below or copy it to Chrome and open it.


9. And to minimize yes, open it as a tab in the browser. And if you want to do other tasks in the same browser, you can do different tasks by opening separate tabs.

How to remove?

You can learn from the Setting Option. However, it will be able to understand the options only 2-3 times during the bahataghati. Yet, say minimum 0.00041 should be BTC, ie Bangladeshi currency will be approximately equal to 350 Tk. This is just about 80 rupees. Follow the pictures below to make Payment / Widthdraw





For details on payment and referral, click here. I can understand how much income has been done so far below.



At the last stage of the tutorial. Hopefully, you can do the things yourself according to the image. Then the problem will be the tenement. And yes I did but I sat this test myself on the PC. So PC / Laptop / Tab will work in any way and must have Google Chrome browser installed. I do not know whether to work on mobile. However, if you have Chrome on Android sets then you can work there. Let us know if this is the case. And yes, those who are using Dual Core PCs will have good results if they have the mining option left on the medium or normal mode. This will work on any modes in the High Configuration PC. But it is better to change the mood for occasional rest. To this day, everyone remains well.

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