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The way to keep the Smartphone battery good

Mobile battery

The main driving force of our ever-used electronic appliances is electricity. Direct connections from home-line lines to large machines, such as refrigerators, TVs, computers, etc., are relatively small, and usually, rechargeable batteries are used on portable devices. In this case, lithium-ion say is the most popular. 

There is also a lithium-ion battery of all-time companion mobile phones. Once these charges are available, standby time is available for a few days. But with the increase in battery life, its usability decreases. Besides, the rechargeable battery charger is not damaged in the correct rules.

Many people recharge their mobile battery every day, and then they are completely exhausted. But a new study says it is different.

According to experts, it is not okay to charge a smartphone battery up to 100%! Rather it has been advised to always charge 40-50% above its charge. That means, if your phone's battery is always kept in 40-80 percent, then it will be best for its performance. Even there are tips on avoiding wireless charging.

Another common concept among us is that it should be charged for 8 hours (at some places 72 hours) by buying a new phone. The researcher Eric Lyman called it a mistake or prejudice! Because this method is not applicable to the currently used lithium-ion battery. The nickel batteries that were available in the previous day needed to charge for the first time for the first time.

15 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature for mobile batteries. If more than that, it will lose efficiency. Mr. Limema said that if a lithium-ion battery is kept at 25 degrees Celsius, it will lose 20% capacity per year. And at a maximum temperature of 40-50 ° C, the battery will be safe from immediate damage (such as an explosion).

Keeping a little bit of attention while using the smartphone every day, it's possible to get more backups. For example, if untimely Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, synchronization, touchscreen vibration, etc. are not turned on, the battery charge will be less costly. If the network is not available for a short period of time, it will be wise to put it offline / flight/airplane (ie, shutting down the network from the set) without modifying the phone. Because, every time a set-off is charged, it costs a lot, compared to charging less when the phone is offline.

How long will the backlight of the screen be set according to your need? There is a lot of charges if you keep it with unnecessary brightness. You can get more battery backup even by installing the handset's built-in power saver option.

Lock the set after using the phone. There will be no option to launch unnecessarily. Use a regular set. Keep its software updated and charge it at least once a month and completely discharge it.

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