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7 Mistake YouTube Community Guidelines

YouTube Community Guidelines

The YouTube Community Guideline is a very big topic. I did not have any copyright video on my channel, but then my question was whether the community guideline strike came on my channel or my channel suspended on the Community Guidelines issue. Many people ask this question or many do not know the answer. We will discuss today what the Community Guideline is and why the channel is suspended due to Community Guidelines.

What is Community Guideline?

We have a group on Facebook that has 10,000 serious members. We have a community with 10,000 members. But there are some rules for this group in our group. For those who do not believe in this rule, we often warn them with massage, and many times we ban some members without notice, and if someone repeatedly makes rules, then we suspend them from the group for whole life.

Soon, I did not mean any group rules or did not campaign for the group. Just gave this example to mean. Because of YouTube and a community. There are YouTube advertisers on YouTube who upload and shoot videos on YouTube, there are some advertisers who provide advertisements for their company on YouTube, and have viewers who view educational videos on YouTube for entertaining or learning.

And a YouTube community with members of these 3 categories. And in this YouTube, there are some rules and regulations for the community that if they do not follow the rules, they sometimes warn with strikes and sometimes suspend channels without notice and many times suspend them for life. YouTube does not do any work without any reason. Many of us thought there was no copyright strike on my channel, but it also suspended the channel. He also has a reason.

If you suspend your channel without any reason, then after appealing you will see that your channel was suspended, it was because of Irr. But its number is very low. Now we will see if there are rules that violate any rules, YouTube Community Guideline strikes or suspends the channel. 

Community Guideline Strikes or Channel Suspended for 7 reasons on YouTube

1.Nudity or sexual content

2.Harmful or dangerous content

3.Violent or graphic content


5.Hateful content


7.Spam, misleading metadata, and scam

These words are not mine. These are YouTube. If you do these things, you will be covered by the Community Guidelines and they will take action against you. Now we will discuss these 7 topics.

1.Nudity or sexual content

Pornography and sexual content never allowed on YouTube. Uploading this type of content will remove your video or give you community guideline strikes. But many people can think that all these videos are there. How they upload According to the YouTube rules, you can upload such content on educational topics, such as the example of a YouTube example, that if you have a documented documentary about females breast cancer, but the video must be restricted. This means that these videos will not be able to see children under the age of 18. Then there is no ad on the restricted video.

2. Harmful or dangerous content

YouTube does not allow the upload of harmful and dangerous videos. There are some videos that are likely to harm a person or society in videos. Some videos from which militants, terrorist activities increase. For example, if someone produces a video that can be made of bombs or grenades, how to make drugs, create a video with a fascinating game that can harm someone, or create an attractive video that can be seen to damage the children, the elderly There is a possibility that can not be done.

3. Violent or graphic content

Violent or Graphic Content is Mara-Marie, Cut-Off, Murder, Scary, These mean. Meaning of the scenes related to blood or blood. People, children can be stunned by what they see. For example, A militant organization named IS has released a view of the American journalist who was slaughtered on their website, and many of them uploaded to the YouTube channel, and for this video upload, each channel had copyright strikes and channel suspension.

Only the killing of animals or the killing of any animal-bird cannot be made and published. For example, in the last Eid-ul-Fitr, many people uploaded a view of cow slaughter for YouTube channels and strike them on many channels and got suspended on the channel. The total number of videos cannot be uploaded, which can be intimidating or frightening of the videos. Many may say that you may not be afraid of these scenes. But YouTube is a community where old people, children, and people associated with this community They may be scared by all these scenes. So YouTube has prohibited this type of video.

4. Copyright

Many people know the copyright. Copyright is a big community guideline rule. Speaking briefly, copying the content of another cannot be uploaded to your channel. That means you can not download the video from a channel and upload it to your channel. For example, You have been participating in a famous artist show or stage show in Bangladesh and uploaded the event you captured on camera or mobile on your channel. Many do not think it's copy-write.

But this is copyright to YouTube. Because you just captured the video but the performance is not yours. Or it has uploaded the TV program to the channel and uploaded it to the copyright. Because that program is not your credit. That means the concert, TV program etc. cannot be uploaded to the channel by video. YouTube always wants the real content of content that only allows you to upload such content or its performance.

5. Hateful content

Hateful content is a statement by which it means hate or harassment to a nation, religion or a country. Or a person is troubled by your speech. Such content cannot be uploaded. YouTube always believes in open thinking or free speech, but still does not allow content to be uploaded to Healthful content because there are many religions or groups of people in the community on YouTube.

So YouTube does not allow content for healthful content by all categories of people. But in fluent language, any meaningful statement can criticize any country, nation or religion if there is no indecent or indecent word in the speech. Just like you made a very good video. The video will be useful for everyone. But if you like 100 in the video, at least 5 will be a misapplication. And 50 good tuition is 2 pm if the video does not get well tumult. So your choice may not look good to another, or you may not like another person's choice. So can constructive criticism.

6. Threats

Threats are a video threatening someone. This means that no video can be uploaded if someone makes a video and threatens to kill a person, group or a community, physical, mental heritage.

7. Spam, misleading metadata, and scams

It's very important and a lot of community guideline rules. You can only see a video on my channel with spam musselding metadata. I also discussed the subject briefly. Spam is doing the same thing repeatedly as if you are sharing a video link here and there that is not what everyone likes. For example, in a travel video, Bandarban is discussing what to watch, but in trauma, you are tuning the video link made with Youtube or everyone is going to Bandarban from Dhaka, but you are timing how to shoot my video on YouTube.

This type of work is called spam. And a part of musselding metadata spamming like you put others' title, description or tag on your video. Or you've given a title that is outside of your video topic. Masonry Meta Data is the one that sets the tags in the description. You can use the tags in the description but use it as a Sentence. The scam is showing greed or showing your video by greed for someone.

This means that some videos titles show how you will earn 1000 dollars per week, but the video shows how they are registering themselves with Aparak or discussing the use of such tumblebels that do not have any discussion on your video. Most of the channels are suspended due to spam, misleading metadata, and scams.

Community Guideline

So everyone really does work. Those who want to look at YouTube as a prospect, the first thing to think about is to create a video about what you know best. And keep working patiently. Because today's big YouTube users did not come to such a big stage in one, two days, one or two months. Everyone came to this stage working hard year after year. Good luck to everyone.

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