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How to Create Payoneer Account Step by Step Sing Up 25$ Bonus

payoneer mastercard

Easy and hassle-free way to withdraw money from different types of freelancing sites is a debit card issued by Payoneer site. With this MasterCard, you can withdraw money at the end of the month with ATM from anywhere in the world. This card will cost $ 29.95 for one time and this MasterCard's monthly management fee is $ 3. The ATM will cost $ 3.15 every time to withdraw money.

With this card, you can withdraw money as well as online shopping. Even though your relatives or friends located abroad, you can send money from their MasterCard or Visa card, you can also take direct money from your clients.

This card can be applied directly to the Payoneer site. As soon as the registration is done, Payoneer will provide this MasterCard to your address. Then when you first load the money from the client or freelancing site on this card, you will deduct $ 29.95 for a card fee. Take a look at Payoneer Debit MasterCard's fee chart below.


How to Get Mastercard from the Payoneer site, step by step is Described in Phases

1) Payoneer to register for this Payoneer Debit MasterCard Go to the site and click the Sign-Up button.


2) After clicking on the sign-up button, a popup box will appear, click on the prepaid MasterCard® Card radio button and click the Sign-Up button. To order the card, you can see the four tabs Getting Started, Contact Details, Security Details, Almost Done. Periodically click each and complete your personal information correctly. Often this popup box does not actually follow the steps below.

payoneer-popup-sigup Botton

3) Click the Sign-Up button to see the Payoneer sign up form will appear below. Click here on your name, email address, next to birth, and click the next button.

4) Then the Contact Details option will appear. Click here with the country's name, your tick postal code and mobile / phone number next button.

2. Payoneer-sign-up-form-contact-details

5) Then there will come security alert options. Here's your username in place of the username, then Login to Payoneer and click on the Next button with Security Question.

3. Payoneer-sign-up-form-security-details

6) Then the Almost Done option will come. Enter your National ID card or passport or driving card information here. If you do not want to bring the card to the address that you provided in the contact details, click on the "Enter Alternative Shipping Address" checkbox and enter that address or keep it unchecked, then the card will be sent to the address that you provided in the contact details. Then tick the following terms and agreement checkbox and click on the order button.

Clicking the Order button will complete your PayPal MasterCard registration. Then, from Payoneer, you will receive an email in your email, where "Your Payoneer account application has received and is being reviewed." You will receive an e-mail confirmation within the next 3-5 business days, once your application has been reviewed. At that time Payoneer got your application and they will review. After reviewing it, if all your information is correct then a maximum 5 days will be mailed to you so that you can write it

Congratulations – your Payoneer account application has been approved!
Your Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard® card has been shipped to you by Regular Mail
Your card is estimated to arrive between 19 Feb 2016 and 26 Feb 2016

That means Payoneer will send MasterCard to your address between 19 Feb 2016 and 26 Feb 2016. Then wait a few days and keep a call from your area that you will have a MasterCard and keep regular contact with it. He'll give you your card at home. Activate the card in your hands by logging into your Payoneer account.

Many times the card is delayed or does not come in time. If the card does not arrive within this date, wait 7-10 more days and keep in touch with your area's mail pay, even if the card does not arrive, then contact Payoneer Support. After logging in to your peonies account, get the Support Center from the Help menu at the top, contact Peonia with Message, Live Chat or Phone and tell them that if your card has not yet arrived, they will send you another card.

If you have any problems with card or payment, you can always resolve it by contacting the Payoneer Support Center.

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