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Complete History of Computer

Computer maning

We classify the computer in different ways. Most of them are related to computer size, functionality, input-output system related. However, according to the scripture, the device that has a microprocessor can be called a computer, but we generally understand some special class devices like computers. In our little knowledge, we generally call those devices like computers, which can be input using the mouse, keyboard. 

They have a Projection Unit for the input analysis and they have a display to show results. The computer terminal is limited to a special place by our analysis capability. There is no other head of the computer than a laptop or a desktop. But is the computer really limited to laptops or desktops? You do not have to answer this question right now.

 Just answer the tune-up and keep ready for others. Because the claim of knowledge is to spread it to everyone. As much as I am doing but you too! At the end of today's tune, we will be aware of various types of computers and their work. So let's start.

Personal Computer - PC

Typically the computers that are made for a user are called personal computers or PCs in short. Although Apple Mac is a personal computer, people think that the computer has only Windows operating system installed on PC. What a little ridiculous thing! However, personal computers were first known as microcomputers. Because it is a device that can be used in large numbers for large-scale large systems.

Personal Computer - PC
Personal computers can be of different types. It's not just the mouse, the keyboard, the CPU box or monitors. Apple's iPad and an ideal personal computer. Now you understand the matter?

Desktop Computer

The PCs that are designed to be portable are called Desktop. The main purpose of creating a desktop was to keep it permanently at a particular place. Most desktop computers have much more power to run (power), but the cost of the desktop and the whole desktop are very low, even if it takes more space to set up.

Laptop Computer 

Laptop computers are also called notebooks. Generally, a laptop computer is a computer package where portable computer components, memory, hard drive, display, keyboard, pointing device, starting from the battery and all the equipment running on a standard computer are properly placed in a solid shell.

Netbook Computer

A netbook is an ultra-portable computer that is smaller than a traditional laptop computer. It is not only smaller than the laptop but it requires less power than the laptop to operate. Moreover, it is less expensive than laptops.


PDA - Personal digital assistant

Personal digital assistant or short-term PDA is a small computer that stores data in flash memory instead of hard disk. Typically these computers do not have any common keyboards. Instead, this computer has a modern touchscreen. This computer is very small in size, roughly equal to a pocket chest and it is very lightweight but powerful batteries used to drive. The following figure shows a sample of a PDA created by Dell.


Workstation - Greater Desktop

A workstation is also a type of desktop computer. But it is far more powerful than traditional desktop computers. It has more powerful processors, extra memory and specially designed accessories. Various types of complex and heavy work are done with workstations, mainly with 3-dimensional gaming, game development.


Computer Server 

A computer network that can be connected to another computer connected to it, is called a server computer. The server has a powerful processor, a lot of powerful memory and huge size hard drives.



A mainframe is a giant computer that requires a huge room to install. It requires a lot of energy to operate. However, the size of the work with its size is also very broad. Basically, these computers are used as enterprise servers.


Super Computer

A supercomputer is a computer where multiple high-quality computers can work simultaneously. But currently, the single supercomputers are in the market. But the problem is that these supercomputers, through the purchasing power of ordinary people like us, Because of the price of each dollar almost million dollars. The most well-known and best supercomputer of the day is the computer developed by Cray Supercomputers.

Super-Computer-The Bast

Wearable computer

The contemporary and contemporary computers of the present are discussed in the computer. Make them in such a way that you can use them with your clothes, glasses and other wearables. However, only basic tasks can be done with these computers. Such as e-mail, database, multimedia, calendar etc.


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