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my computer is frozen and control alt delete not working

With less than being known to be a computer-hung (unresponsive) When you were doing a job, suddenly you saw that the keyboard was not working, the mouse was not working. There are no commands on the PC, the PC is in your mind or it is closed to your will. We usually call this condition as a computer hang. Generally, CPU usage of 100% shows when the computer or computer system hangs. 

Those who use the CPU meter are meant to appear. However, have you ever wondered why such a computer is hanging? And when we are hung, what do we do? In today's tune, we will try to show detail the reasons for the system being hanged.

 And, of course, the reasons for the hanging of the system, as well as its cure. Though there are millions of reasons to hang on the system, we will only discuss the most common and the most cumbersome causes among them.

Hardware Incontestability

Hardware incontibilability is one of the major reasons for the shutdown or hanging of the operating system. That hardware can be a lot of things. For example, computers may hang for the computer mouse, keyboard, CD drive, hardware or even USB devices. In most cases, the computer screen becomes blue when the hardware is incapable. It is called "Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)". Such a blue-screen problem occurs only when the most essential hardware is damaged. For example, hard drive, physical memory (RAM) etc.

Driver problem - no trouble with the driver

If there is no problem with the hardware then the driver is the next consideration. Because the drivers handle the hardware. Many times the system becomes system-friendly due to driver problems. The funny thing is, when I wrote the tune right away, the graphics driver was showing the error, my PC's screen lights were going back once again. So, such sound drivers, Bluetooth, wireless, and other drivers may cause problems. In such cases, the old drivers will be uninstalled and installed on the new drivers. Also, regular updating drivers are considered as good practice.


Windows registry error - Titanic of life

Windows and Windows registry is a very complex one. Due to very little registry error, the whole computer could be stuck instead of just a program. When a program is installed on a computer, many registry entries become associated with it. Uninstalling them again, the registry is not removed at all. This caused a lot of problems on the computer. Besides, if computer registries are damaged for any reason, then the computer may hang. So to avoid computer hanging, regularly clean the registry.


The computer may hang on the malware attack. Spyware, adware, trojan etc. are malware constantly being uploaded onto the internet. They may be downloaded to your computer without your knowledge and slow down the system. And that's why we should use very good Internet security software. My favorite Internet security software is Estate Smart Security and AVG Internet Security. It's not just an Internet Security program. They need to be updated regularly and have to scan the computer.


Antivirus Program - When the Protector Watches

The interesting thing is that the computer may be hanging because of the anti-malware program I talked about earlier in the computer security. If a computer has more than one antivirus program installed then the computer will hang on. Moreover, as many antivirus programs are present in the market, most of them are computer slow. Therefore, beware of using antivirus programs. I personally do not use any antivirus program. If you do, then use one of the above-recommended antiviruses for one of the temps.


Computer or web application bug

If there is a bug in the application, then the PC hangs when the application runs on the PC. Many times, Firefox and Chrome browsers are seen to be hanging. The reason is that the website you are using is a big bug in coding. I do not know whether the problem is just me, sometimes my browser hangs in the tectonics, ha ha ha. However, if you are fortunate enough to have problems due to any program, then uninstall it with registrar immediately.


Custom setting - Highly clever futures are not always good at all

Many times we see the use of various registry entries, default program chains, or any other third party software to speed up PCs on some international standard websites. But our chains are not always fruitful. For this reason, do not change any setting in Huthat, without knowing any details. If you want to, then definitely take back the setup backpack. If problems arise, you can return to the previous state.


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