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Apple is reducing the speed of the old iPhone


If you are using an old model of iPhone, there is a news that is important to you. Recently Apple has admitted that the company will reduce the performance of the old iPhone by wishing it. For example, currently, the iPhone 6S users are getting their phone's speed lower than earlier, because Apple itself has reduced the processor speed of older iPhone through iOS updates. But why is Apple doing this? New model iPhone to sell more? Apple has answered this question. Let's know.


The fact that the speed of the iPhone decreases more than one year, almost everyone is aware of this. Users had a question in the past that Apple would deliberately slow down the old model's iPhone with iOS updates to sell the latest models of the iPhone every year. Recently, a number of websites and experienced users have seen that the iPhone 6S has slowed down due to the new updates are given in the new iPhone market.

Then this observation on different setups Do it  It is seen that the older iPhone speeds have decreased significantly. When everyone was criticizing it, Apple opened its mouth. The company has deliberately admitted to reducing the speed of the iPhone. But they have shown a strong logic behind it.

Apple has said that its battery capacity decreases with its battery capacity decreasing as the iPhone becomes old. If the iPhone's processor wants to perform the original performance, then the needy power cannot supply that old battery. In such circumstances, the iPhone stopped unexpectedly.

Besides, the battery charge dropped below 40% but due to the fact that due to the aging of the battery, the fact that the iPhone has been shut down suddenly. Because of this situation, Apple, which reduces the speed by using iOS updates in older iPhones due to hardware usage. As a result, then the processor can not work on the original speed, and the iPhone does not stop unexpectedly. It was Apple's argument.

But why did Apple hide the word? Now the question has arisen in everyone's mind. Some people think it is a 'trust issue'. What do you think about this?

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