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ithemes security plugin

Today, I've got you in the WordPress best SEO plugin Yoast Seo Premium is absolutely free. is how to protect your WordPress site? Many of the time, by purchasing paid domains and hosts, various sites are operating in WordPress engine such as blog sites, movie sites, classified and forums sites. But its middle blog site is more than that.

iThemes Security

Although the sites made by WordPress are popular today, there is less to face problems due to various reasons. There is a lot of increase in the number of complaints, sites are slow, hacking, etc., too many words! But hacking is more in the midst of hacking. Today's short talk will show the system of hacking protection. But on another topic, when creating a WordPress site, you must keep the following things in mind -

You will receive a host from a good hosting provider if you spend a little more than it will not be back. Because, at a lower price, hosting - these problems are not as high as those of DIDS protection, keep multiple users on shared hosts, no cloud-flare options. Personally, I had to change about 3 host providers.

Useful plugins that mean users and ratings, feedbacks are good. It's a good idea to not use more than 20 plugins in a WordPress site.

Exclude any unfamiliar or shared theme. Basically, 50% of hacking is responsible for this theme. So it is good to use a paid theme. However, if you do not want to spend, you can use WordPress default themes.

Another thing is that you can add SSL certificates when your site gets popularity and acceptance.

Intermediate optimize the database files of your C panel and keep the backup.

How to get rid of the site hacking?

If you follow the above instructions, it is possible to keep 60% of sites free from hacking. But there are some good plugins for protection as this will protect you from about 20 negative outcomes, including hacking, spam protection and so on. These are the important plugins

  • iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)
  • Shield Security
  • Wordfence Security
  • All In One WP Security & Firewall
  • Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening

Use any one from the list above. However, for easy access interfaces, user ratings and best results, we will personally recommend the use of 1. I've used almost all of the experiments as experimental. But there was a small problem in common. So I like Themes Security.
ithemes security plugin

Themes Security plugin features and usage strategies

  1. Its use technique from others is a lot easier 
  2. The interface is not complicated 
  3. Always keep an eye on and provide email reports 
  4. Provides maximum security to hacking and hackers 
  5. Additional features as well as 20 different things that you can understand.

Everyone knows how to install plugins. Go to the admin option of your WordPress site> From there, go to the plugin option and search by name and install the desired plugins. Or, download that plugin from here:   I Themes Security

Once installed, execute options like the following images

I Themes Security

My experience 

After using I Themes Security, I'm definitely operating my site without any problems, it's about 5 months. Previously my plugin was hacked 4-5 times even though using this plugin other than this plugin. Because, different Hackers, spammers from different parts of the world try to access WordPress as well as to control them. As a result, they try to access or spamming multiple times through their hacking program. This is as follows: On my personal site, several visitors trying to access hundreds of unwanted IP addresses are seen in the middle. After checking the next IPs, we can try to spam suspected IPs from different countries including Sweden, China, Pakistan, and America. Providing an image in the understanding (red mark) 

Themes Security


 Although I currently try spamming, I am risk-free to follow the other plugins, including those plugins. So those of you who are operating site by WordPress are the ones who use a good security plugin right now. Surely the security plugins have an understanding of how much they really understand. To this day, we will try to use and understand other plugins in the next phase.


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