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What is Backlinks in SEO

Backlinks in SEO

Starting today with salam and greetings to everyone, tips on the topic of banking on the website? The first condition for those who want to earn money through the online website or blog, the first condition is the visitor. And the first condition for bringing the visitor is to search engine optimization and to stay in good position with search engine optimization. Backlink here is wrong with the backlink, say quality backlinks.

But to go to the first page of the search engine, you have to do a lot of SEO. And one of the steps for doing this SEO is to create linking or backlink. If you can connect your site with good sites or hyper-filled sites, then your site will be very popular with Google's search engine.

And by the popularity of this, you can reach the search result's first page. Backlinks can be made in different ways. However, creating backlinks is a very important thing in terms of time and time.

What are backlinks?

The backlink is a link to your site that will be displayed on any other site, ie your link published on other sites is called backlink. A backlink is the main tool to increase the page rank of a website.

For Example:

If you have a blog and add URL to your blog to someone else's blog, then you will be assumed to have received a backlink from your blog from that blog. Remember your blog's name is "Blogger Tricks" and the blog whose blog has added the link to its blog "Online Tips" - you will be considered to have received a backlink from your blog from the blog "Online Income".

In this way, you will add the blog URL to your blog as well as increase your blog's backlink. This is a very important thing for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Backlinks are an effective part of Off Page Optimization.

Backlink to understand, let's see what is quality backlink?

Quality Backlink is a related backlink that means if you have created a blog about health, then the links published on any health-related site are called Quality Backlinks. The amount of quality 100 backlinks that work 1 quality backlink works that amount. A backlink is typical of two types depending on type. The following is given-

  • Do-follow backlink
  • No-follow backlink

Do-follow backlinks and no-follow backlinks will be discussed in detail. But keep in mind the initial conditions Du-Phlo Backlink is the most effective.

The importance of backlinks

Backlinks are very important for search engine optimization. If you want to make your blog important and acceptable to Search Engine, you must definitely create backlinks for your blog. The more people whose blog has backlinks, the more affiliate of their blog to the search engine. Each backlink on your blog can be considered as a vote of a blog.

How to get a backlink? 

There is nothing that is not available on the Internet, except for touching only with hands. So you can find your backlink and find it on the internet. Do not see how you can get a backlink for your website.

1. Through RTL 
2. Through Blogging 
3. By tuition on other blogs 
4. Through forum tune 
5. By tuning in forum 
6. Through press releases. 
7. Through web site submissions 
8. Through link exchanges 
9. Editing on web site 
10. By buying backlink. (Paid Backlink) etc.

So, I'm sharing some web addresses with you. These are actually free backlink generators. Through this, you will be able to create thousands of free banking in a very short time, almost in the short run. InshAllah Sign up to the following websites and fill out the complete address of your web site's home address then fill in the information you want. If you fill in all the fields, click on the button to create a free backlink. However, in those sites where Facebook tuition is available. Share your blog address there.

A। easyhits4u

Backlink Site

This is a suitable site for getting some free backlinks. Here you can send your blog link to Facebook's tutoring box. Regardless of the article here, giving banners add the opportunity to collect visitors. Visitors of this site are about 40,000, Alexa Rank 5000. The site has been sending banking services since 2003. Click here to join the site

A। Trafficswirl

Free backlink

This is also a popular site for collecting backlinks and increasing your website visitors. The work of this site is just like the above site. But to avail the more banking facilities, you have to earn a credit here or pay a package. However, they offer the best offers such as $ 500 to 500 visitors or 100 backlinks. Click here to sign up on the site

C। LinksManagement

Viral Website Traffic

This site has attracted the most attention to backlink collected sites. Their management system is very updated and unique from all other sites. Even though the site is not older, it has been able to attract users' attention in a short time. One of the conditions of getting backlinks to this site is that you have to share their site links in different ways. In return, you will be given credit. 

In exchange for this credit, your site will get a unique backlink with the visitor. This is not a scam site. Plains are informative and trusted. However, here you will get the opportunity to earn credits as well as earn good money.

Follow the link management site to follow here

Many misconceptions about backlinks

It is a complete misinterpretation of your site's backlink on any site that you will be able to visit your site visitor barbecue or the desired visitor. Those who generally think of setting up backlinks are usually the carriers of this wrong information. Generally speaking, it is a devastating SEO that can completely downgrade your site's standard.


Now my writing can raise a question in the minds of the new generation, and it is a hollow- "If I could not set up my site backlink on another site, then where do we get that nitrified visitor?" My answer to them is, brother, who do you backlink? Prohibition, However, when you set up a backlink, you should be aware that the backlink that you have created is correct or quality backlink!

At the last stage of the discussion. There was a desire to give some more basic ideas but to stop the tune's cholera will become more. However, if we have the opportunity, then we will try to discuss some more issues in the next tune. Regardless of this tune talk, however, hope to get a good idea about backlink.

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