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Facebook surprised the mind


Let me begin with my sincere greetings and greetings to all of my current tune with recent research results on Facebook's most popular and widely used social networking sites. There is nothing new about social networking on social networking platforms. Although established on February 4, 2004, Facebook has since become a huge community since 2006.

Facebook seems to be like a snack game for Nokia phones in my childhood. Because it is connecting one man after another and growing up in size. At present, it has stood in a situation that if someone does not have a Facebook account, then they are put to the aliens. Because, as an example, I saw on Facebook a few days ago a brother opened an ID for his newborn.

When his child grows up or he will use this ID. From this point of view, you have understood how Facebook has engulfed every incident of our life. But because of the promotion and use of the campaign, there are some questions of nature, that is how beneficial it is for our lives? All of the answers that have been coming out in recent studies are all organized today.

Facebook is a high-level addiction social site

Among those who are reading this tune, many are addicted to the extreme levels of Facebook. And it is considered to be an addiction to excessive amounts of anything, as a social disease. And if this addiction level is very high, then any personal and social disaster can be created.

There are several parameters to prove whether you are addicted to Facebook. Make sure you mix yourself up with you. But do not forget to tell them in the fumigation section that they will match you.

Facebook additional

Facebook Attachment Parameter-

  1. You can not continue a moment without Facebook. Want to share an event on Facebook 
  2. Update photos or status updates more than once a day. 
  3. After updating a status, check the minute notifications. 
  4. Like the status or desperate for tumors. Spend labor on the back of Autolite auto-tuition. 
  5. One or more of your Facebook accounts have been hacked and you have quit eating this time. Although this is my personal opinion alone. Because those who tension more than Facebook, their accounts are more hacked. 
  6. If you have a bad mood after watching the above parameters, then you are addicted to extreme levels of Facebook. Because the truth always takes a tithe. 
  7. If these symptoms are from you, then you will soon fall in the midst of human and social disasters. So it is better to reduce the addiction by maintaining temporary distance from Facebook.

Facebook aims to motivate your thinking

Recent studies of over 7 million Facebook users have found that if their timeline has positive issues then their thinking is positive. On the other hand, negative issues also make their thoughts negative. But the results of the research cannot be more important. The real thing is that if we want to facebook, our thinking can be made of their own.

We are diverted through various pages, others timeline, etc. The world of our thinking is in line with Facebook. We are putting any issues on Facebook in our real life. As a result, we are confused with much false news and information. And that's changing the world of our thinking. Campaigns against internet dot org are also the same. Because in this case, we will look at any content that is already set. Using additional Facebook creates our own remote control system. Because if freedom is not freedom, then freedom of the person is worthless.

Facebook Tips

Facebook is a new playground

Facebook has created the present young generation in such a way that we started to truly understand the reality through Facebook. If we were to play in the afternoon before, Surrounding chatting would have been all. If I need a friend, I can go to his home and hopefully turn around. For example, you may be playing the game while lying down in the afternoon. At that time, Mom came and said, what are you still lying down? Go to the beach and play.

You have started playing the game like a boy or mobile or laptop. But thinking that what Mom was actually saying to do this? Many people can ask, What is the problem playing on Facebook? There is no problem playing standard games, but if the game is played online, then the competition is slightly different. All the time thinking of new scores captivates us. As a result, in the classrooms, reading rooms and even mosque temples, they also play the game of playing polapayadera.

Online Games

Facebook reminds us we do not have!

There are many times on Facebook, are you single? Then you can find great results in your news feed and from such a page. Actually, Facebook is an open space for everyone. There are people from every stage of the meeting.

 In the news feed, you saw the pictures of all the nice couples or all the fun about them. Or saw some tips about the beneficial love. In your mind, then you will be doing a wailing job because of your innate nature. You may notice that many people update Facebook's heart rate status. These are the mere useless expression of emotion. Although social benefits are not benefited by this, we can understand from our own perspective the fact.

Facebook Fun

Facebook is the Internet to many

Nowadays many people can not think of Facebook on Facebook. Many friends and friends tell me, I am on the internet all day. Actually, they all fall on Facebook. We are deprived of the proper use of the Internet due to the high degree of addiction on Facebook. Another Facebook issue is that Anonymous Browsing is not supported on Facebook. As a result, we get an opportunity to handle personal matters. As a result, social activities along with the Internet have been involved in anti-social work.

Facebook  Computer

Facebook is taking away our peace

The biggest thing about Facebook is that Facebook can not change your mode. It can only increase its intensity. If you ever sit down on Facebook with a bad mind, you will see many people's down-minded status making your mind even worse.

Moreover, because of the similarity of humanity among many of us, somebody's bad status has made our mind worse. If any incident made on Facebook is partially matched with your life, then start to match itself with the end of the incident. Nowadays, the frustration among people, the lack of self-confidence and firmness of the work, but the main part of this is Facebook. If you do any work while logged in on Facebook, you will see time and labor take about 3 times. And the most difficult task for Facebook users is to click on the log out option.


Today's tune is not the main purpose but to refrain from using your Facebook. Rather be a little more careful in using Facebook. We use technology for life's needs. But due to that technology, our life journey has been interrupted, it is really frustrating. Hope you'll use Facebook less in the coming days. Because everything is good until it is not used extra.

 But before finishing, say a funny thing, you can search the image by typing Facebook Addiction on google and once you see it. All the funny pictures come in that, I was restless and laughing at them. We got some of them from here for you. There is only a small effort to give some joy to the bitter words. You must know how it felt.

Facebook Details

  • When we sit down to read, what is the role of Facebook!
  • Any secret or public that cannot share on Facebook
  • All the happy moments of life that are circulating around Facebook!
  • When looking at the importance of the event gets more prominence on Facebook!
  • If facebook addicts leave facebook, some facebook addiction in the real world if they leave Facebook and come to the real world.
  • Every day we face some kind of problem with Facebook crazy.
  • Dialogs added to the event. I do not know how it happened,

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