Avoid FREE Web Hosting

20 Reasons Why You Should Avoid FREE Web Hosting

You can get some ideas about different types of Avoid FREE Web Hosting, just by walking around the internet. First of all, you might think why would you just buy web hosting just by spending money? Free web hosting is the only!

You might think that the matter is much easier. But the idea is wrong. Free web hosting is not really free Maybe you do not have to spend money on it but you will lose a lot of things you might not know. If the free web hosting services were so good then why would everyone be web hosting because of so much money? Just ask yourself a question!  

We will try to tell you this article why not use this free web hosting service.  

Avoid FREE Web Hosting

Those who have started building websites in the initial stage, always want to create a website at a lower cost, the issue is normal. For those reasons, you will start searching for free web hosting and some companies will get it.
The funny thing is, it’s not really a free web hosting service. When you start using it, then the matter will be clear to you. You can learn about their limitations and in many cases, you will see this offer is not really free.    

1. Extremely slow websites

Those who provide such free web hosting services, add hundreds of websites to a single shared server, which makes the website loading work a lot slower. Websites that take a lot of time to take loads of websites do not like it and it has a very bad effect on Google SEO.  

2. Unprofessional web address

name.freewebsite.com This website is never professional to see the name. For those reasons, the website that you create, the visitor will never look good on your website. Also, remembering this type of Domain Name is very hard.     Whenever you want to select a domain name by yourself, then they will say “premium service” for acceptance. For those who will cost you $ 19 – $ 25 but the price of a domain is usually $ 10.

 3. Trial Service is Not Really Free

After a period of use of such a free web hosting service, you will be asked to buy. In other words, their Free / Trial Service has ended and will force you to pay for the money. In these cases, their price is much higher than the general web hosting service. And if you have provided your Credit Card / Payment information during registration for accepting this free service, then they will charge the service fee without informing you.  

4. Hidden charges for the free website

Free web hosting companies usually charge for many types of services. And in many cases all the charges are different. For example, for email, for email hosting, for FTP access, etc.
For a good hosting service, after spending $ 40- $ 70 a year, your fees for these services are $ 80- $ 150 a year, which is much higher.  

5. They can lock down your data

Many users do not have the option of transferring their information when they want to go from any good hosting to Free Web Hosting. It is very much forced to do a job with a professional, which costs as a professional.  

6. Irrelevant ads on your website

Most of the free web hosting companies earn through various advertisements. That means, creating trouble by making the website you and you will profit on advertising on your website. There is no option to stop such advertisements and sometimes this ad does not match the subject matter of your site.   Worst of all, occasionally your paid website company will pay you to advertise on your website. Which will have a very bad effect on your website.  

7. They can shut down your website – The Free Web Hosting Services policy clearly states that they have the power to shut down your website at any time and you will not be forced to provide any explanation for this.
If they stop your service, you will never get your website information back.   

8. These companies can disappear at any time

such companies may disappear anytime. They just shut down their hosting servers and you lose your website and important information. According to the policies of these companies, they can run the service completely by shutting down the services at any time. It’s legal for them. You have nothing to do.  

9. You will lose your site address

If you ever stop thinking about the company or shutting down your website, you will never get that Domain Name again. In most cases, their customers’ domain is their sub-domain so you can not add your site’s visitor to any other address.

10. They can sell your information

Always remember, they will not profit in any way. Otherwise, they will never be able to offer this free service. There is a very good word in marketing: None of these companies will profit from you. They sell your email, personal information, and user information to another company. They can also do this work according to their policies. So you do not have to do anything legal here.  

11. No site-building tools

Like other good hosting companies, there are no tools that you can use to sort out your website.  

12. No WordPress

Most Free Web Hosting Company does not support WordPress to create a website. Because WordPress needs a little more resources after this free hosting company cannot give it.  

13. Limited WordPress

WordPress will not be able to do well if they provide the option to install WordPress. So you will see a variety of errors and start to grow your nasty sense of WordPress.  

14. Malware distribution

Avoid FREE Web Hosting; Free Web Hosting Service is famous for spreading malware. The main reason is that their server security is not good quality or they earn money through it. This will damage your website reputation and also have a bad effect on Google SEO. Google Backlit Every Week, Almost 20,000 Websites Due To Malware.  

15. Limited bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of data that is transferred from your webserver to the user’s browser. It costs money for that. Since they are offering you free services, their bandwidth is also much less.  

16. Low disk storage

As these companies install hundreds of websites in a web server, they provide you with very little data storage facility. Whenever you finish this limit, you will be asked to accept premium service.  

17. Vulnerable to hacking attempts

This type of web server does not have any strong security, which is why the website is most likely to suffer from an attack. If your website is hacked then it will be very difficult to bring back the previous information.  

18. No help or customer service

They do not have any good customer service. If you need any kind of support, then you have to solve it or wait for them for weeks.  

19. Difficult to get rid of

Avoid FREE Web Hosting Companies benefit from your website content. So you can not remove or delete your website from them. If you do not update your website, they themselves will continue to advertise there.  

20. No branded email

Email is the main part of a website. If you do not have an email address in the name of your website, then think about yourself how often your reputation will be online. They will never let you open the email in the name of the domain. You must use Gmail or Hotmail when you are forced to This is never a professional practice.

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