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Google Adsense

Many of us want to know how we start blogging? And how can we earn from Google Adsense? Here are some important things to discuss those who are working with Google Adsense or working with Google Adsense, these things are very important for them. Many people work with Google Adsense but they do not know these things. Know unknown know some of the essential things that do not even know. How do you earn more from your Google Adsense? How to Keep Your Google Adsense Safe? And how to make a career in blogging? There are many people who do not know much about Google Adsense, due to which their Google Adsense is banned after a few days.

1. How to stay in blogging

There are many people who are earning from Google Adsense but very little. Even Google will work with Adsense and Google has created a website in the hope that it will earn from Adsense but it got trapped after reaching a distance. Can not move anyway. The main reason for this is that you know how much you know about the topic that the website has created. Now it is a matter of fact that you know very well about the subject, that you work very enthusiastically, and you have a good idea about what to think about, think about, write, and research, Create your website by base on. If you create your website by submitting any information you have heard about, then you will be able to do well. Of course, before you build a website about the topic, you should know how much you know about this topic.

2. Ways to increase income from Adsense:

Google Adsense is less income? What to do? You can work with multiple web sites to increase the revenues of your blog, and I will have advice on how many websites you work with so that each blog has the same affair. So it will be a great advantage for you to write or sustain the blog. If you create different categories of websites, then you will need to recharge each of them. And you’ll be tired once. That’s why I say that you must start your blogging career with a topic.

3. Ways to Increase Visitors:

You are not getting a visitor? The main reason for this is your content. You must post good content on topics you are not blogging about. If you post good regulars, then Google will give you ranking. And your posts will definitely be made for visitors not to search engine. Because when those visitors choose your website’s information, you will like Google and your website, and soon Google will give you a visitor. And whenever a visitor comes to your website and does not return the desired information, Google will not like you anymore and the bounce rate will increase. You will lose the ranking. Give good content in a word. You must be well aware of the subject that you are not blogging about.

4. What should be started by blogging started:

If you work with Google Adsense then you must work with Google Adsense supported language. It’s best if you are blogging in English. If you want, you can create your website in the language of Google Adsense using language.

But there is a question here Will you create a website or a website in your country language? I would suggest you create a web site in English. Because when you create your website in English, you can do it well. So far Google searches in different languages from different countries and in search of English to find something. Very few visitors who search the language of their country. Not a single thing, if you are blogging in your own language. Create a web site in your own language. In that case, you can earn a very small amount from Google Adsense. Because Google will give you commission from Adsense, the commission must pay the money from the publisher who will add the publisher to Google. And understand that those who are advertised by Google through our country, do not pay much money. Therefore, the CPC for your country language website is of course low. And if you are blogging in English then the visitor will enter your site globally, in that case, there will be different CPCs from different countries.

5. What can be done for more income?

If you want to earn more from Google Adsense, you can start your blogging by recharging high paying keywords. There are still many keywords in Google that work in GoogleGuol, starting from $ 1 dollars to $ 50 dollars. Here’s the thing that when you work with a high paying keyword, you’ll definitely have to work harder. Because those who work on the Marketplace and work on Google Adsense are working with high paying keywords. If you want to work with these keywords, you must give a better amount of content than your competitors. And have to do SEO. Otherwise, you will not be able to rank them. And if you can not ranking, then your website will not have any value. The more visitors come to your website, the more your income will be my suggestion. As you work on targeting Google Adsense, you must start working with a good or high paying keyword and regularly give content to your blog.

6. Adsense code Edit:

Google Adsense’s Ed code will never be edited, place it on your blog as Google has added to you. If you want to change your code, go to the Dashboard in Google AdSense and create a new one. But never try editing something inside the ad code because it is likely to consume your AdSense account.

7. Where Ed cannot be installed.

Never use your code on your website or blog post or on the page, or the photo-bottom-up, or side-by-side code. Visitors fall into confusion and do not see it as good as Google, so definitely use them to avail these issues.

8. The things that will be avoided.

Apply the code of the content of your content occasionally. It will be very natural to place the visitor to click on the add “Click here” and insert the Ads code in the same way never do this. Visitors cannot be inspired or encouraged to click on the add-in, this will contradict your Adsense policy.

9. How to Keep Adsense Safe

Regularly enter your Google Adsense dashboard and check your Adsense. Suddenly, if you click on your Adsense click or inward click, you only know about Google or you are likely to get a Google Adsense ban. If you notice any other inconsistency, then inform Google Adsense that your Google Adsense account will be safe.

10. How many adsense is using?

Another thing is not to say that many do not work with multiple Google Adsense. I think Google Adsense should not be more than one because you can do everything from an account, using all the websites, blogspot subdomain, even you can use it on YouTube, so there is no need to use multiple Google Adsense. Google always says you have an Adsense is enough.

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