10+ Best Ad Networks For Small Publishers ( Fast Approval)

Google Adsense

What Google AdSense really is all about here is more about everyone. Yet in short, it is a Google-managed add-on network that allows you to earn good money from your website.

AdSense is a web application managed by search engine giant Google. It is basically a profit-sharing project that allows users to earn money from the advertisement content used on their website. A website owner can display some Google-targeted advertisements on its site and conditionally earn money from it. This issue has generated a huge response in the current online world.

After a minimum of $ 100, you can make a check or take money through the bank. etc.


Media.net is one of the alternatives to AdSense. This is basically the Contextual Add Network. That is, the ad displays the content or text content of your blog/website. Yahoo and Bing company of this add-on network. So you can understand the reliability and reliability of this add network.

Media.net PayPal or direct bank account. If your income is $ 100 ($) then you can withdraw money.


BidVertiser is basically the Pay Per Click Advertising Network. That is the possibility of earning money per click. But there is a problem in this network that advertisers here add to the show by bidding. That may take time to get your website added. However, they pay a good amount of add-ons.

This network provides add-ons to different formats including text add, mobile add, slider add-on. After finishing $ 10, you can withdraw money with PayPal and Pisa account.


Infolink is a little different than other add networks. It basically adds add-ons to the text of your website. That’s why you will not need to keep separate adspaces on your site. It supports pop-up ads. The biggest advantage is that you can use this website as well as your website.

After the minimum of $ 50, you will be able to withdraw money through a PayPal account, direct bank, check or western union.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Native Ad is Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing. If you have good visibility for US visitors, you can earn a lot of money through Amazon. Your job is to showcase various podcasts of Amazon to showcase your site. Whenever someone from your site goes to the link to buy the product, then you will commission Amazon. This network usually shows add-ons based on your blog or website category.

The gift certificate can be taken after the lowest 10 $ earnings. Or you can withdraw money after checkout after $ 100 every month.


Adversal is also one of the alternatives to Google Adsense. The click-through rate (CTR) is quite good and this network supports add-ons of several languages. To join this network, your website’s monthly pageview should be more than 50 thousand.

One more thing is that it has an affiliate program like Amazon. After the minimum of $ 20, the PayPal account will be able to withdraw money directly through the bank or check.


Adsetara is a premium ad network for the publishing website. This network provides the highest cost per mile (CPM) rate worldwide. AdStats allows you to add ads in various ways, including banners, pop-under, direct links, sliders, push-ups. If you have good traffic on your website, you can earn money just like AdSense through this network.

After earning $ 100, you can make money with PayPal, Pasha, Bitcoin, WebMoney, PaxMax account.


The next add-ons option is the add-on network Chitika. The biggest advantage of this is that there is no problem with aptrouping your site. This means that if the l number of traffic is available on your website then you can try to earn money using this network. All you need to do is open an account and place your site in place. Chitika basically three types of ads: targeted search ads, local ads, and mobile ads.

But its pay per click (PPC) rate is not as good as AdSense. After finishing $ 10, you will be able to withdraw money through PayPal account and after the minimum of $ 50 after check.

Propeller Ads

The propeller add network has become quite popular nowadays. It is basically a London-based add network. If your web site’s traffic is centered on America, Canada, Britain, Australia, then this network is for you. This network offers many different ways to add add-ons. For example Onklick Pop-under Add, Mobile Add, Banner Add, Layer Add, Slider Add, Video Add etc.

After the minimum of $ 50, the PayPal account will be able to withdraw money from the bank account after a minimum of $ 100, and the minimum amount is $ 500. Other add-ons: Revolution, Revenue, AdCLarks, Sworne etc.

Then why are you late? According to your website, choose the ad network and start making your website today. Remember your website is your store. And the add network is your customer. If there are not enough goods or if the store is not good, the Buyer will not come. So please be sure to go to the website. SEO, in this case, is the promotion of the name of your website. As the name spreads, the buyers-visitor crowd will increase.

On the other hand, the content of your website is the store’s goods. The more the goods will be able to hold more customers. Finally, Google Adsense is a money-making tool whose option has not yet been made, whether we will be in the near future or not. However, the alternative add networks also give us the opportunity to earn money well.

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