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Google Plus is Stop at April 2

Google Plus

Google's social network, Google Plus, will be officially closed on April 2, the company said.

But users will not be able to create new profiles, pages, communities and events from Google Plus on February 4th.

The photos and videos uploaded to Google Photos will not be deleted, the company said.

Google Plus started its journey in June 2011 as a counterpart of Facebook and other social networking media. Search engine Google creates Google Plus as the fourth attempt to make itself available through social media.

But social media has never been able to attract. In a New York Times report in 2014, Google's monthly usage of users was only 2.4 million, where Facebook users were 12.8 million.

In October last year, if the personal data of 5 million users was revealed to the security system due to lack of security, the process of shutting down Google Plus was going on more quickly.

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