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How to Start a WordPress Blog Easy Guide (Step-by-Step)

WordPress Blog Easy Guide

Want to start a WordPress blog in the right way? We know it is very difficult to start a blog if you do not have the tendency to feel over. You are not alone, more than 130000 people are facing the same problem. That's why I have brought today the best article to help you create a blog. That's why you do not have any technical knowledge.

The rules that I will show are easily understood by anyone aged 18 years and 60 years old. Even if you do not understand I am here.

What do you need to start a blog?

You will need 3 things to create a WordPress blog
  1. A domain name (this will be the name of your site, such as upohas.com)
  2. A web hosting account (this will be the permanent bus of your site)
  3. 30-minute patience.

Yes, within 30 minutes you can create a blog. In step by step, I will show you how to do it.

I will show you this article

  • How to take a domain name and best hosting
  • How To Install WordPress
  • How To Change WordPress Theme
  • How to write the first blog
  • How to design WordPress through plugins
  • How to earn through blogs
  • And much more ...

Are you ready? let's start.

Step 1: Setup

New Blogger is the biggest mistake to choose the right blogging platform. It's not going to happen to you because you came to the right place.

95% of bloggers advise using WordPress.Org. Because it is open to everyone. You can easily organize sites and use different types of plugins. It may also be a source of your income.

WordPress is free but you have to spend on host and domain.

The domain is the address of your site like http://upohas.com and hosting where your site will last.

In a domain, you will usually spend USD $10 / year and hosting at USD $15 / year.

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