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IMO is just for fun?

We use language to express our feelings. But languages also have different forms Sometimes in words, sometimes with gestures; Again, we also express our feelings through silence. The word is basically a symbol. And through this sign, we have been communicating with each other since ancient times When there was no written language, there was no verbal expression even now; Then we used to express

In the order of the people, The language has changed Now the era of technological excellence. Mobile phones in human hands Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Via, etc., have a lot of our lives. We are sending messages or messages every time, not only that, but I will also tell you not to spend any emotions. The question is, the new sign language is just fun?

A recent study says, the emo is not just a funny, but a funny one. Emo carries the meaning of the sentence. Sometimes it becomes the full sentence.

Benjamin Weisman, a high degree student at the University of Illinois in the United States, researched this. Like Emo, Emo is now becoming a universal language. It is seen everywhere People use emo when sending messages. It is also used as the online language.

People express emotions rather than sentences to express an interesting event. Not only for fun, but there are also different types of emo. Love, joy, and even language of sadness are also emo.

In ancient times, human language was used to symbolize the use of symbols. The primitive people used to tell other people about the stains on their caves. Expressions of the mind are symbolized by symbols or symbols.

New contact fields have been created with the word emo or sentence. Maybe someone is busy, the message comes from the other end. He sent an emo Then he did not write the full sentence. The messenger also got the emo and realized that the man on the other side is busy working. Or miss someone, want to be a witness or a tragedy; An emo is being expressed in primary mind

Benjamin said that before the submission of humanity The types of oral and sign language are also changing. It is similar to gesture or gesture.

Researchers say that, as we use satirical language by way of induction, emo is another written form of satirical language.

The Indian press Indian Express said that the research paper on emo has published in science magazine Plus One.

Researcher team examined brain waves with language process The name of a pattern is P600, which is called 'false signal'. That is, the person is facing the Linguistically unexpected things This signal indicates that the brain is reproducing or redefining the data of the sentence.

A total of 106 people participated in the study. They are allowed to read sentences that contain emo The smiles or eye-like emotions were in those words. Then their brainwave was recorded. They are also asked, what they mean by the sentences

Researchers say this article will further expand our thinking about communication - maybe words or pictures, or words and gestures or words and emo.

Researchers say that if you add emo with words rather than words or emo, it has a great effect on communication.

So what is standing, Emo is not just fun; Emo is the language of our desires, love, pain, and even silence It is becoming more meaningful if words or sentences are emo-added

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